Specimen Submission

1) Identify sampling requirements for each assay.

2) Collect Specimen: Sterile EDTA blood is acceptable for blood-borne infectious agents. Do NOT refrigerate or freeze specimens.

3) Submit specimens with the MD Submission Form by Courier or Mail to:

Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
College of  Veterinary Medicine              
Dept. of Pathobiology
252-A Greene Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849-5519

Phone: (334) 844-2648Fax:    (334) 844-2652Email:

4) Specimen collection with our sample submission kit ensures maximum sensitivity of the PCR. The buffer in the collection tubes is designed for optimum preservation of nucleic acids and their recovery in subsequent extraction. No refrigeration or freezing of samples is required.

5) International Shipping: canine and feline samples may be shipped without US import permits.  Please check the requirements here.

Sample PCR Kit

We provide a PCR sample submission kit for liquid, swab, or tissue specimens. This kit can be ordered with the MD Submission Form.

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