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First ‘Be the Creed’ Winners Honored by the CVM

By Janet McCoy, 334/844-3698,

Auburn, Alabama —

Congratulations to the inaugural group of “Be the Creed” awardees. These very dedicated College of Veterinary Medicine employees were nominated by their colleagues who witnessed their above-and-beyond dedication to the college.

Congratulate those who were nominated, and be sure to nominate other extraordinary employees.

Debbie Allgood

An administrative assistant in Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology, Allgood was nominated by a colleague who likened her to 10 words in the Auburn Creed. In part, this is what the nominee wrote: Everybody knows that the Auburn Creed … details the qualities of a TRUE Auburn man or woman. But how many people notice the fact that in the next to last stanza, there is a quotation that states, ‘doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with my God’. To do ‘justly’ means to do that which is honest and fair. To love ‘mercy’ means to have compassion or forgiveness toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm them and you do no harm. To ‘walk humbly with your God’ means to live in obedience to God’s commandments. I know of no other person on the ENTIRE Auburn campus who exemplifies these qualities better than Debbie Allgood. She is truly a righteous woman and lives the creed, especial these critical 10 words. Debbie makes the right front corner of Greene Hall very special. It is like having a canary singing all the time. She makes me feel good!”

Jason Bailey

An animal care custodian, the person who nominated Bailey wanted his good deeds to be noticed. That person said:One day when I went out in the parking lot to leave work, I noticed that I had a flat tire or partially flat tire. I asked Jason if he thought I could drive it to the gas station and put some air in it. He replied, ‘No, you shouldn't’ and, with no hesitation, he changed the tire for me. As I told him that I had never changed a tire, he took the time to explain to me and show me how to change one. I feel that he went above and beyond because he didn't have to do it, but he did it without me even asking him to.”

Pamela Chambers

Chambers, a veterinary accounts assistant, was nominated because of her commitment to go beyond her duties and the example she sets. The nominator wrote: “Pam is a great worker and goes above and beyond the call of duty. My name is Kayla Blake and I am the after-hours student worker in the Large Animal Teaching Hospital front desk. I had a problem with a client picking up a horse, and a monetary issue that I was not comfortable dealing with, so I called Pam. She answered immediately and came up to the Large Animal Teaching Hospital after she was already home. She stayed and helped me deal with the issue and we got everything resolved. She really goes above and beyond the call of duty, and I believe is an asset to the LATH staff.”

Dr. Fred Caldwell

Dr. Caldwell, an associate professor of equine surgery, was singled out for his dedication at the CVM. His nominator said: “Dr. Caldwell embodies the Auburn Creed through his dedication to the education of students and house officers; his unwavering honesty and professionalism; his empathy and sympathy for his colleagues; and his love of everything Auburn. I am honored to call him a colleague and someone whom I can aspire to be more like. I am particularly happy to call him a friend and someone who considers the feelings and needs of his colleagues before his own. He is Auburn.”

Teri Dunaway

Dunaway, a business administrative coordinator with the Vaughan Large Animal Teaching Hospital, was nominated by two individuals. This, in part, is what they said: “She is an extremely hardworking individual that has a serving heart and thrives helping others. The department asked Teri to take over the role that two people were previously doing. She does whatever we ask her to do with a great attitude and smile. She has never turned down a request to learn or do something new. We are all very grateful for ‘human touch’, her flexibility and her can-do attitude. I believe she loves Auburn University almost as much! She embodies the creed in every way is very deserving of this reward.  Teri is excellent in assisting me in travel, payments of invoices, typing and general assistance with phones, internet and always remains pleasant. She is a real Auburn Creed employee.”

Gail Jackson-Crowell

Jackson Crowell, an administrative specialist, was noted for her willingness to ensure the CVM Development office runs efficiently. “Gail knows hard work and is an employee who goes out of her way to ensure things run smoothly in our office,” the nominator wrote. “She excels at what she does as well as promotes team work and inspires excellence in others. She is enthusiastic, diplomatic and knows how to work with people to get maximum cooperation. I am sure if you asked Gail, she would say she doesn't feel her work is going ‘above and beyond’ just times that require more effort. Gail is well known at Auburn University and the CVM for always being courteous and helpful to others. She is very positive and exhibits daily a ‘win-win’ philosophy for our program. Her attention to detail and the effortless grace under pressure benefits all of us who work with her. The Auburn Creed concludes with these words ‘I believe in Auburn and love it.’ Through Gail's continued hard work and dedication she proves daily, ‘she believes in Auburn and loves it’."


Bettina Schemera

Schemera, associate director for Lab Animal Health, was the first person the nominator thought of when the program was announced. The nominator said: “The question of what qualities of the Auburn Creed she best represents does not apply because she represents ALL the qualities of the Auburn Creed -- practicality, hard work, education, honesty, fearlessness, lawfulness and the human touch. Although many may not know it, nearly all of these qualities are essential for someone in her role at the university, but finding someone who lives them because they are fundamental to who they are is rare. I have often thought how lucky I am to have someone who shares my level of commitment and I consider myself very fortunate to have her as a colleague.”

Betty Sheppard

As a referral coordinator for Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Sheppard works with CVM faculty and staff, as well as the public. The nominator said: “Betty is always a positive person to be around. She always tries to make people comfortable. She goes above and beyond her duties to make sure the CVM is running smoothly. Even when she is frustrated with situations, she always tries to find the silver lining. She is a leader who doesn’t need recognition or a title to motivate her. She stands up for her coworkers and for our clients, even if it is unpopular. She just does the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. She sets the example of the kind of coworker I want to be. I think Betty is the definition of ‘Be the Creed’.”

Christina Tucker

Tucker, a research assistant, is noted by her colleagues as a valuable team member. The nominator said: “She is ready and willing to help out with anything you ask her to do and most days she is asking me if I need help. She is a dedicated and hardworking employee and now has taken on the task of obtaining her master’s degree at Auburn all while she is working full time. She has an eye for detail, strives to follow procedures and works hard alongside her fellow employees to get the job done and done right.”

Judy Woodrow

The nominator said of Woodrow, a neurology head technician, “Ms. Judy is a cheerleader for the students on this very busy and at times, stressful rotation. Her personality, caring nature, motherly ways, and office full of sugar make me smile every day. She goes above and beyond to help this service flow smoothly and calmly. Please never ever let Ms. Judy go!”



Three nominations were made of CVM employees who are no longer with us, but whose dedication and spirit continue to make an impression on their colleagues.

The late Derek Cobb

Cobb, an animal care orderly, embodied all things Auburn on a daily basis, his nominator wrote. “His friendly nature, his incredible work ethic, and his dedication to this college are truly missed. He did the jobs that others growl or grumble about doing, and he did them with a smile! I saw Derek do things on a daily basis that weren't necessarily in his job description, but simply because he saw that they needed to be done. His life was cut short with health issues, and we truly miss him. His humility, strength in character, and willingness to help others are traits that I hope we all strive for in his memory.”

The late BJ Rice

Rice, who was a research assistant with the North Auburn Equine Plasma Project, is remembered for his eagerness to step outside of the norm and go above and beyond the scope of his job description. The nominator said: “I was honored to meet and work with BJ on the CVM Staff Advisory Committee for only a year. However, in that time, I came to know a man that was dedicated to bringing new ideas and camaraderie to the CVM as well as his off campus unit, the North Auburn Equine Plasma Project. His presence on the committee, and his willingness to convey information to his fellow staff members was invaluable. BJ set the mark for current and future open lines of communication. He was always willing to help formulate a plan, and see it to fruition. That might require response via email, or pushing up his sleeves to help with a dunking booth. Either way, he had a servant's heart.”

 The late Dr. Joe Spano

There is no one who exemplified the Auburn Creed more than Dr. Spano, a professor of clinical pathology, the nominator said. “He worked hard, tirelessly and selflessly, and for long hours if necessary. He was probably the best educator the CVM has seen to date. No one cared more for the students than he did and he would give of his time freely and to whomever needed it. He was incredibly knowledgeable in his field and lived to share that knowledge with countless students. He was also one of the most honest and humble people I ever had the privilege of knowing. He always had time to help anyone, be they student, staff member, faculty member, or even janitorial staff. He always had a smile, was never angry and was always cheerful. Just seeing him and saying hello would brighten one’s day. My life and the lives of many, many students, staff and others were the better for having known him.”

  1. Debbie Allgood

  2. Jason Bailey

  3. Pam Chambers

  4. Dr. Fred Caldwell

  5. Teri Dunaway

  6. Gail Jackson-Crowell

  7. Bettina Schemera

  8. Betty Sheppard

  9. Christina Tucker

  10. Judy Woodrow

  11. The late Derek Cobb

  12. The late BJ Rice

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