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Meet Gus

By Janet L. McCoy, (e), (p) 334-844-3698

Auburn Alabama —

At just six-weeks old, Gus, a black Labrador, is already starting to get serious about training, just like his namesake, Coach Gus Malzahn is doing this season with the Auburn Tigers.

The Animal Health and Performance Program, which developed the internationally-known, patent-pending and trademarked VAPOR WAKE® technology, continues its rich tradition in research and understanding animal performance. Gus and his littermates, who are in training to become detector dogs, are the newest members of AHPP’s breeding program.

The puppy development program recently relocated to the College of Veterinary Medicine from Anniston, and two litters of puppies have already been born. Traditionally, the puppies are given names starting with the same letter – the second litter being “G” and Gus was born. His siblings are George and Gala.

Gus and the other seven puppies in the two litters are athletes, and much like the Auburn Tiger leader, this Gus has already distinguished himself with his peers – trainers have tagged him as quiet, focused, determined and strong – just like his namesake.

“The puppies are in development training, undergoing socialization and tasks,” said Jeanne Brock, who heads up the puppy development program. “We will do things with them to strengthen their natural traits used in detection work.”

AHPP faculty are conducting groundbreaking research in olfaction and detection, as well as in veterinary sports medicine and canine breeding. AHPP is a leader in understanding the physical, physiological, and psychological needs of athletic and working animals and the benefits that exercise can have on their general health.

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