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A Trip with Christian Veterinary Mission

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By Alexander G. Hagan '11

Auburn, Alabama —

After flying into Tegucigalpa, Honduras, two other Auburn students and I met up with two students from LSU and five students from Illinois. We then met with our host escort and translator from Honduras Outreach. 

We loaded into vehicles and headed east into the Olancho region, which is known as the “cowboy region” by many people in Honduras. After arriving at El Rancho Paraiso in San Esteban, Olancho, Honduras, we settled into our quarters. 

The ranch was very nice and we were served three hot meals a day. We slept in clean beds and were near the bathroom and shower. For two weeks we left the ranch every morning at about 7 a.m. to travel to different villages.  These villages ranged any where from about 80 people to 500 people in the community.  At the villages we treated cats, dogs, horses, cattle, pigs, and a few goats.  Most of the treatments were for parasites, but a few wounds and tumors were addressed.  We also neutered any animal the people desired to have neutered to control population problems or to get rid of unwanted stallion behavior. 

As far as interaction with the people we prayed with the community at the end of the day and helped to repair the roof on the school in one community. We did have a rest day in the middle of the trip and took a hike through the jungle in search of an 80-foot waterfall we never found because of the lack of trails. Also at the end of everyday we played volleyball or kickball back at the ranch. The trip ended with a stay in a very nice hotel the last night in Tegucigalpa.

Alexander G. Hagan
Class of 2011

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