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Scott-Ritchey Research Center

About The Center

The Scott-Ritchey Research Center is a state-of-the-art, interdepartmental and interdisciplinary research program at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University. The Center currently has the largest single endowment at Auburn University.

The Scott-Ritchey Mission

To conduct cutting edge basic and translational research to improve the health of dogs and cats and to communicate these findings to the clinical and scientific communities to facilitate their application.

Give Now

The Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, in cooperation with the Auburn University Foundation, is using social media to raise awareness and financial support for its GM1 research, an inherited, rare neurological fatal disease in both animals and humans. Learn about Porter Heatherly, the son of Auburn alumni Sara and Michael Heatherly, who has GM1 gangliosidosis, and the potential life-saving work being conducted by veterinary medicine faculty. Translating Animal Medicine Breakthroughs into Human Medicine Cures.

Research for Porter

Porter is a two-year-old local resident who has gangliosidosis, or GM1, a rare a rare neurodegenerative disease. His case is the only known GM1 diagnosis in Alabama. For more than 40 years, Scott-Ritchey scientists have researched GM1 and related diseases in felines and faculty are part of an international consortium bridging animal and human medicine. Led by veterinary scientist Dr. Dough Martin, faculty at the Scott-Ritchey Research Center are providing keys in the fight against gangliosidosis and other genetic diseases. Porter’s family and Scott-Ritchey researchers are seeking a cure, and you can help by financially supporting Scott-Ritchey’s research efforts.


Learn More 

Follow Porter's story on Facebook at Prayers for Porter.

Support GM1 Research

You can support the Scott-Ritchey Research Center through a number of ways – through the Scott Donations Fund, where practitioners can make a gift to memorialize a client’s pet; through the Swaim Fund for Excellence, which provides an endowment to continue important work started by Dr. Steven F. Swaim, a former director of Scott-Ritchey; and you can make a direct gift to the Center. To make a donation to these important opportunities, please CLICK HERE to complete the form.

You can also support GM1 research ongoing at Scott-Ritchey – read and watch below to learn about Porter. 

Support GM1 research at Auburn University by making a tax-deductible gift through the Auburn University Foundation ONLINE. Or, gifts by mail should be made out to Auburn University Foundation and sent to the attention of:

Diana Turner
College of Veterinary Medicine
c/o Scott-Ritchey Research for Porter
317 South College Street
Auburn, Alabama 36849

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