Tablet Program

Attention Class of 2018:

Congratulations again on your acceptance to the College of Veterinary Medicine.  As you are aware, there is a requirement that all incoming freshman purchase a tablet computer.  These computers will be configured and supported by the College’s Instructional and Information Technology Department.  The computers will be shipped to the CVM after you purchase them and they will be distributed at orientation.

The cost for the tablet configuration is $2,203.40 plus tax.  This includes the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga, 4 years of support including accidental damage, and 4 years of Microsoft upgrades for Office and Windows.  Dyknow and Turning Point licenses, which will be used during lectures, have also been included in this bundle.

There are two steps to order your device. 

  1. Go to and order your Auburn "Student" Bundle.  Make sure to choose the Auburn University ship-to address. 
  2. Purchase the tablet program software pack online

When you get to the "delivery address" information, you will see that "no delivery needed" is selected. This is correct, but you will need to proceed on and enter the address/contact information anyway. Please enter your address and contact information as this helps in identifying who has purchased the software pack.

If you have problems or need more information, contact us at 334-844-3713.  We are always here to help. 

All orders must be placed by May 31st.

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