Clinical Trials

The medical and surgical diagnostic tests and treatments of animals are similar to those in human medicine. In order to advance knowledge in their field, researchers and clinicians at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine collaborate to perform studies that investigate new diagnostics and treatments. These discoveries can often be applied to medicine across all species.

Most clinical trials are based on preliminary laboratory research data that indicate that the new approach is better than what is already available. Carefully conducted clinical trials then prove whether this preliminary data translates into real-world patients. Benefits to clients and patients in clinical trials include the potential for life-saving therapy when other treatments have failed, lower-cost treatment or diagnostic options, and the advancement of knowledge that will help future patients.

Clinical trials are only performed with informed owner consent. The benefits, risks, and requirements of enrolling in a specific clinical trial will be discussed for every patient to determine whether participation is the right choice for that individual.

Clinical trials are through the Oncology Service in conjunction with research faculty at the College of Veterinary Medicine. We are currently offering active clinical trials in the following areas. Please click the links below for more information:

Translating research and medicine from one species to another. One Medicine. One Health.