APP Directory


Judd, Robert

Judd, Robert, PhD
Department Head and Boshell Professor
Academic Areas: Pharmacology, Endocrinology
Research Interests: Diabetes, Obesity, Adipose Tissue  Biology

Akingbemi, Benson

Akingbemi, Benson, DVM, PhD
Academic Areas: Anatomy, Microanatomy, Toxicology
Research Interests: Urogenital Anomalies, Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology, Environmental Toxins

Bartol, Frank “Skip”

Bartol, Frank “Skip”, MS, PhD
Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

Biancardi, Vinicia Campana

Biancardi, Vinicia Campana, MSc, PhD, FAHA
Associate Professor, Neurosciences
Academic Areas: Neuroscience, Cardiovascular, Physiology
Research Interests: Hypothalamus, Autonomic nervous system, Cardiovascular diseases

Charvet, Christine

Charvet, Christine, PhD
Assistant Professor, Neurosciences
Academic Areas: Neuroscience
Research Interests: Big Data, Comparative Neuroscience, Translating Time

Foradori, Chad

Foradori, Chad, PhD
Associate Professor, Microanatomy, Organology, and Endocrinology
Academic Areas: Microanatomy, Endocrinology
Research Interests: Neuroendocrinology; Environmental Endocrine Disruptors

Griffett, Kristine

Griffett, Kristine, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
Academic Areas: Physiology, Pharmacology
Research Interests: Nuclear Receptors, Chemical Biology, Cardiometabolic Diseases, Pain, NAFLD/NASH

Huang, Chen-Che “Jeff”

Huang, Chen-Che “Jeff”, DVM, PhD
Assistant Professor, Physiology
Academic Areas: Physiology
Research Interests: Developmental Biology, Endocrinology

Kroeger, Daniel

Kroeger, Daniel, PhD
Assistant Professor, Neurosciences
Academic Areas: Neuroscience
Research Interests: Sleep, Neural Circuitry, Cognition

Lazarowski, Lucia

Lazarowski, Lucia, PhD
Assistant Research Professor & Scientist, CPS
Academic Areas: Canine Performance Sciences
Research Interests: Canine behavior, cognition, and olfaction

Mansour, Mahmoud

Mansour, Mahmoud, DVM, PhD
Professor, Veterinary Anatomy
Academic Areas: Anatomy, Microanatomy
Research Interests: Multiple drug combinations for prostate cancer, Increase prostate cancer survival

Panizzi, Jennifer

Panizzi, Jennifer, PhD
Associate Professor, Physiology
Academic Areas: Physiology
Research Interests: Zebrafish, Developmental Genetics, Toxicity Screening

Pondugula, Satya

Pondugula, Satya, DVM, PhD
Associate Professor, Veterinary Anatomy
Academic Areas: Anatomy, Pharmacology, Cancer
Research Interests: Drug Discovery, Drug Metabolism, Drug Interactions, Chemoresistance, Chemotherapy, Nuclear Receptors, Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes, Drug Transporters

Schwartz, Dean

Schwartz, Dean, PhD
Associate Professor, Physiology
Academic Areas: Physiology
Research Interests: Cardiovascular Physiology, Pharmacology, superoxide dismutase mimetics

Singletary, Melissa

Singletary, Melissa, DVM, PhD, DACVPM
Assistant Professor, Neurosciences & Assistant Director, CPS

Tao, Ya-Xiong

Tao, Ya-Xiong, PhD
Professor, Physiology
Academic Areas: Physiology
Research Interests: G protein-coupled receptor, melanocortin receptor, obesity, genomic medicine

Vodyanoy, Vitaly

Vodyanoy, Vitaly, MS, PhD
Professor, Physiology & Director of the Biosensory Laboratory
Academic Areas: Physiology, Neuroscience, High-Resolution Microscopy
Research Interests: Sensory Physiology, Biosensors, Olfactory Receptor Neurons, Nanoparticles

West, Rachel

West, Rachel, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor, Physiology
Academic Areas: Physiology
Research Interests: Reproductive Physiology, Placental Biology, Stem Cell Biology

Zhong, Juming

Zhong, Juming, DVM, PhD
Professor, Microanatomy and Organology
Academic Areas: Anatomy, Microanatomy
Research Interests: Cardiovascular physiology/pathology, electrophysiology


Delmain, K. Scott

Delmain, K. Scott, DVM
Professor of Practice
Academic Areas: Anatomy/MicroAnatomy

Gibson, Ryan

Gibson, Ryan, DVM
Academic Areas: Neurology, Neuroscience, Anatomy/Microanatomy

Rowe, Joe

Rowe, Joe, DVM
Senior Lecturer, Gross Anatomy
Academic Areas: Anatomy, Microanatomy

Thungrat, Kamoltip

Thungrat, Kamoltip, DVM, MS, PhD
Lecturer, Pharmacology
Academic Areas: Pharmacology
Research Interests: Her research interests focus on molecular pharmacology and population-based pharmacokinetics. Currently, Dr. Thungrat is studying the pharmacogenetics of anticancer drugs for canine mast cell tumors.

Wilhite, D. Ray

Wilhite, D. Ray, MS, PhD
Anatomy Lab Coordinator
Academic Areas: Anatomy
Research Interests: Sauropod dinosaur limb biomechanics; use of 3-D modeling to reconstruct the appendicular skeleton of sauropod dinosaurs; nature of articular cartilage in sauropod dinosaurs; nature of hyaline cartilage in mammals, crocodilians and birds to reconstruct the cartilaginous portion of sauropod limb joints; crocodilian musculoskeletal anatomy; 3-D reconstructions of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels and nerves in the equine forelimb and hind limb

Research Staff

Laporte, Pia – Coord II, Teaching Sci Labs | 334-844-6388 Aono, Michelle – Research Associate III | 334-844-5594 Camp, Cristine R. – Research Assistant III | 334-844-5591 Cook, Kenya – Research Assistant III | 334-844-5407 Cruz-Espindola, Crisanta – ​Mgr, Research Scientist Lab | 334-844-7190 Driggers, Benjamin – Research Assistant II | 334-844-7187 Globa, Ludmila – Research Associate IV | 334-844-7092 Hafiz, Saly – Research Assistant III | 334-844-4427 Kang, Yuan – Research Assistant II | 334-844-4465 Mackay, Laci – Research Associate III | 334-844-6745 Marshall, Emily – Research Assistant I | 334-844-7319 Peaden, Sarah – Research Assistant III | 334-844-5373 Pustovyy, Oleg – Research Associate IV | 334-844-7091 Van Ginkel, Sabrina – Research Associate II | 334-844-5469 Xu, Chuanling – Research Associate I | 334-844-5395 Yoo, Sieun – Research Assistant III | 334-470-5791

Graduate Students

Fernando, Yanthrawaduge – Anatomy Physiology Pharm GRA | 334-844-4427 Grabau, Natasha Wendy – Anatomy Physiology Pharm GRA LeKites, Vander – Anatomy Physiology Pharm GRA | 334-844-4427 Makhija, Sangeet – Anatomy Physiology Pharm GRA | 334-844-5402 McCafferty, Kayleen – Anatomy Physiology Pharm GTA | 334-844-4133 Salamat, Julia – Anatomy Physiology Pharm GTA Zheng, Huifei – Anatomy Physiology Pharm GRA

Administrative Staff

Alvis, Hattie – Admstr, Business & Admin Svcs | 334-844-6737 Cornwell, Vera – Admin Support Assoc II-Acad | 334-844-4426 Dunn, Dorothy – Asst II, Financial-Dept | 334-844-4425

Emeritus Faculty

Boothe, Dawn, DVM, MS, PhD – Alumni Professor and Director of the Clinical Pharmacology Lab Coleman, Elaine, DVM, PhD – Associate Professor Emerita Kemppainen, Robert, DVM, PhD – Professor Emeritus