Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

Graduate Studies in Pathobiology

The Department of Pathobiology is an active participant in the Biomedical Sciences (BMS) graduate program. Students may obtain a Master of Science (MS) or a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) through BMS while working with faculty mentors within the Department of Pathobiology.

Pathobiology also participates in the dual DVM-MS and DVM-PhD programs and offers combined residency – graduate degree programs in anatomic and clinical pathology.

Our Clinical Pathology Residents

General Requirements

Students are also encouraged to contact Pathobiology faculty to determine their level of interest. Students are accepted into the BMS graduate program based on Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores (a preferred combined verbal and quantitative score of >1,000; Auburn University’s ETS institution code is 1005), grades, letters of reference, areas of interest, and the availability of a mentor and funding. Foreign students also must provide a score for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a score for the International English Language Test System (IETS) exam. When accepted into the BMS graduate program in the department of Pathobiology, students will receive a stipend.

Combined Programs (MS/PhD)

The combined program offers MS and PhD degrees for graduate students, residents in anatomic and clinical pathology, and veterinary students doing a combined DVM-MS or DVM-PhD degree.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the following persons for more information: Dr. Russell Cattley, anatomic pathology residency coordinator, or Dr. Elizabeth Spangler, clinical pathology residency coordinator.

Dual Degree Program (DVM-MS/PhD)

Dual Degree (DVM/MS OR DVM/PHD) Program graduates will have strong backgrounds in both veterinary medicine and research, and will be well prepared for careers in academia, industry and/or specialty clinics.

Students are admitted into the College of Veterinary Medicine program by applying to the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and to the graduate program via application to the Biomedical Sciences graduate program through Auburn University Graduate School (GS). Students must meet three criteria to be admitted to a dual degree:

1. A personal statement in less than 500 words describing the applicant’s reasons to pursue the DVM
and graduate curriculum simultaneously, and stating long-term career goals.

2. The applicant must be evaluated by the Associate Dean for Research and/or the BMS Graduate
Program Committee.

3. Provide three letters of recommendation, one from the student’s major advisor.

Please see the Biomedical Sciences Handbook for more details:

How to Apply

Students interested in obtaining a graduate degree in BMS with a faculty mentor from the Department of Pathobiology should apply to one of the following Biomedical Sciences Programs through the Auburn University Graduate School.

  • Cancer Biology and Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Hereditary Diseases
  • Infectious Diseases / Parasitology
  • Anatomic & Clinical Pathology

The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program offers multiple options for graduate and doctorate programs which work closely with The Department of Pathobiology.