Bacteriology and Mycology Laboratory

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The Bacteriology & Mycology Laboratory provides diagnostic testing to serve the medical needs of both practitioners and the Auburn University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The goal of our diagnostic team is to provide accurate and timely information regarding all bacterial and fungal samples. In addition to being available Monday through Friday during regular working hours, we maintain reduced hours on weekends and holidays. For Saturday delivery, call the lab at 334-844-2658 to get alternative address (varies by weekend). Our team is always available to assist you with specimen submissions and cultural interpretations.

Further information about our laboratory services and sample submissions may be found in the hyperlinks below. Please call or email our laboratory with any question you may have about our services. Please remember specimens should be shipped for overnight delivery to ensure they are received in quality condition.

Bacteriology Submission Form (PDF)

Bacteriology Pricing Guide


Bacterial (aerobic) With identification of 1 – 2 organisms$30.00
Bacterial (aerobic) Each additional identification$8.00
Bacterial (anaerobic) With identification of 1 – 2 organisms$32.00
Bacterial (anaerobic) Each additional identification$12.00
Blood culture$13.00
Fecal culture (Salmonella spp. screen only)$20.00
Fecal culture (Campylobacter spp. screen only)$17.00
Fecal culture (for Salmonella spp. and other fecal pathogens)$26.00
Strangles screen (Streptococcus equi ssp. equi)$14.00
Fungal culture – Deep systemic$20.00
Fungal culture – Dermatophyte$14.00
Mycobacterium culture$15.00
Mycoplasma culture$17.00

Antimicrobial Susceptibilities

Antimicrobial susceptibility, MIC per isolate$16.00
Antimicrobial susceptibility, KB per isolate$10.00
Individual drug susceptibility$15.00
Resistant panel$35.00

Microscopic Exams (when ordered without a culture)

Gram stain$6.00
Fungal preparation (KOH)$6.00
Dermatophilosis smear$9.00
Acid fast stain$14.00


Brucella canis tube agglutination assay$30.00
Cryptococcal Antigen Latex Agglutination$20.00
Cryptococcal Antigen Titer Assay$150.00

Toxin Tests

Clostridium perfringens$42.00
Clostridium difficle$42.00

Transport Kits

Kit 1: Four ACT II tubes for tissues and fluids$50.00
Kit 2: Four blood culture bottles$30.00