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Auburn University College of  Veterinary Medicine
Department of Pathobiology
151 Greene Hall
1130 Wire Road
Auburn, AL 36849-5519

(334) 844-2700

The Parasitology Laboratory provides a variety of diagnostic services and procedures for practicing veterinarians and the Auburn University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Services available include centrifugal fecal flotation procedures, as well as a variety of other parasite recovery techniques. This laboratory is a participant in the Veterinary Laboratory Association Quality Assurance Program.

*Note: Heartworm Spectrophotometry (Antigen) and Heartworm Antigen (Heat Treatment with Spectrophotometry Readout) are accessioned and processed once a week, on Fridays. If the specimen arrives after 12:00 pm on Thursday, they will not be accessioned and processed until Friday of the following week.

Parasitology Submission Form (PDF)