Effective immediately (August 1, 2023) FAVN turnaround time is approximately 3-4 weeks from the date the sample arrives. We do not offer expedited FAVN testing.

The turnaround time for diagnostic serologies and vaccine titers is 2-3 business days.
The turnaround time for the RFFIT is 1-2 weeks. The RFFIT is no longer offered for pet travel.

The Virology Laboratory at Auburn University conducts a variety of diagnostic tests for the evidence of viral, rickettsial and selected protozoan infection of companion animals. We also offer serological assays for the evidence of immune response after vaccination. Our tests are thoroughly validated and the accuracy of our results is assured by participation in the Veterinary Laboratory Association™ Quality Assurance Program.

The Virology Laboratory at Auburn University is recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to carry out FAVN Rabies Antibody Titer testing for export for pet travel.  We are not currently approved for travel to Japan. Please contact the laboratory for specific countries.

Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization (FAVN) Information

Beginning January 1, 2023, we will require payment prior to performing the rabies antibody test (FAVN) for any samples submitted from clinics located outside of the United States.

Once your sample(s) arrives, you will receive payment information via email from PATHOLABS. Once payment has been submitted, your sample will be moved into the testing queue. If payment has not been completed within 1 week of sample receipt, your submission request will be cancelled and your sample will be discarded.

Additional shipping information: Occasionally, shipping charges are billed to our FedEx or UPS account for international shipments. If this happens, your clinic may owe additional charges that will be collected prior to releasing FAVN test results. We will notify your clinic via email and include a copy of the invoice from the carrier if this occurs.

The RFFIT is no longer offered for pet travel.

Please note that acquisition of some supplies required for testing have been delayed due to supply chain issues with our suppliers. This may cause unexpected delays in ALL testing formats.

Please contact us at if you have questions regarding this change.

Serology-Virology Lab
261 Greene Hall
1130 Wire Road
Auburn University, AL 36849-5519

Contact person: Theresa Wood (Virology Lab Manager)
(334) 844-2659

The Serology-Virology lab at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine is a European Union (EU) approved laboratory (and on the CDC approved list) and will accept a serum sample for the FAVN rabies antibody test from a licensed veterinarian. We recommend using a USDA accredited veterinarian if you are in the United States.

The animal must be microchipped before a licensed veterinarian collects the sample and the same veterinarian should fill out the FAVN Antibody Test submission form. The FAVN Form should be typed or handwritten in ALL CAPS. Please fill out the form completely, missing information can delay release of results.

FAVN Antibody Test Submission Form (PDF)

Sample Information

Please label the serum sample with microchip number and pet name. If multiple tubes of serum were collected, serum should be combined into one untreated tube and appropriately labeled.  Samples WILL BE REJECTED if they arrive unlabeled.

We require at LEAST 1mL of serum to run the FAVN.


Send samples via courier service in a package labeled “Exempt Animal Specimen.”  Place sample into a plastic bag and the FAVN Report form in a separate plastic bag. Samples should be sent with gel packs in the box as well as absorbent material to help protect the sample from damage in shipping. 

We send the final report via FAX and/or email to the submitting clinic. If a paper copy is required, we can send it via FedEx for an additional fee. Acceptable payment is either credit card or an international money order in US dollars. Your account will be set up upon arrival of the first sample; you do not need to create an account.

All payments and charges are the responsibility of the submitting clinic.


FAVN Test Fee: $80.00

FedEx Shipping Fee: $25.00 – Domestic; $55.00 – International

Reissue Fee: $50.00

For additional questions about payments or invoicing, please email our Lab Operations Coordinator at

If you have any additional questions (about the test/process for submitting a sample) after you review this information as well as the information on our website, please email

Questions regarding the timing of the vaccine/serum draw should be discussed with your veterinarian. We suggest you use the destination country’s guidelines as each country/authority has different criteria for travel.

Microchip Search

Serology-Virology General Submission Form (PDF)

Serology-Virology Fees


CAV-2 antibody titer$15.00
CDV antibody IgG & IgM (IFA)$24.00
CDV antibody – IgG only (vaccine titer)$15.00
CHV antibody titer (IFA)$15.00
CHV antigen stain (FA)$18.00
CPV antigen – feces$22.00
CPV antibody IgG & IgM (IFA)$24.00
CPV antibody – IgG only (vaccine titer)$15.00
Ehrlichia canis titer (IFA)$24.00
Anaplasma phagocytophilum titer (IFA)$28.00
Lyme titer (IFA)$23.00
Neospora Serology (IFA)$20.00
RMSF titer (IFA)$24.00
Canine Snap 4DX Plus$22.00
FAVN Rabies antibody$80.00
Rabies antibody titer (RFFIT)$60.00
Toxoplasma antibody titer IgG & IgM (IFA)$25.00
Virus Isolation$48.00


FeLV IFA antigen stain$20.00
FeLV & FIV Combo$28.00
Feline panleukopenia titer (IgG & IgM)$24.00
Feline calicivirus antibody titer (IFA)$15.00
Feline panleukopenia – IgG only (vaccine titer)$15.00
Feline coronavirus (FCoV) antibody titer$20.00
FHV antigen stain (FA)$18.00
FHV antibody titer (IFA)$15.00
Rabies antibody titer (RFFIT)$60.00
Toxoplasma antibody titer IgG & IgM (IFA)$25.00
Virus Isolation$48.00
FAVN Rabies antibody$80.00


Lyme titer (IFA)$23.00
Rabies antibody titer (RFFIT)$60.00


SERUM: When serum is required, DO NOT send whole blood. DO NOT send extremely hemolyzed and/or lipemic samples.

Effective January 2022: We will no longer offer the Autogenous Wart Vaccine SLIDES:

SLIDES: DO NOT fix slides before sending, air dry only.

SWABS: Place swabs in sterile PBS or viral transport media. DO NOT use any of the bacteriological gel transport systems.