Expedited Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization (FAVN)

All Expedited FAVN Requests must be entered into the online portal BEFORE the sample is sent to the lab.

The turnaround time is 1-2 weeks from when the sample is received in the lab and the request is accepted in the Pathology Diagnostic Services online portal.

Once the request is accepted, changes cannot be made, and the test cannot be cancelled.

Any microchip discrepancies will lead to rejection of the sample and any tubes received that are not labeled appropriately will be rejected.

Please view the sample submission guidelines (domestic [US] guidelines or international guidelines) for details about how to label your sample.

Sample and shipping requirements are the same as the normal FAVN. If the clinic is in the United States, it is recommended that you use our shipping widget to generate a shipping label so that we can more easily identify and pull your sample to begin processing it.

For samples submitted from clinics outside the United States, we require payment PRIOR to performing the Expedited FAVN.


  • Expedited FAVN test fee: $250.00
  • FedEx report delivery, domestic clinics (flat rate): $25.00
  • FedEx report delivery, international clinics (flat rate): $55.00
  • Domestic (US) shipping only: FedEx shipping label used to ship specimen to us (details under FedEx Shipping): $25.00
    If your package is over 12” x 12” x 12” (flat rate $25.00) dimensional pricing will be used and you will be billed the larger amount.
  • There is a $5.00 Accession Fee applied to each accession.