Current DVM Students

The Office of Academic Affairs leads and facilitates a wide variety of support services and activities directly impacting students in the professional veterinary degree program such as: 

  • Assistance with financial aid, obtaining medical insurance and access to medical care. 
  • First year student orientation focused on professional relationships, learning resources, effective use of educational technology, understanding learning preferences, personal management of financial challenges, team building, managing stress, wellness and an introduction to college clubs and activities. 
  • Peer mentorship programs 
  • Leadership for 20 professional student clubs and organizations 
  • Provides access to on-site mental health and wellness counselors. 
  • Access to an on-site financial counselor through support from the Alabama and Kentucky Veterinary Medical Associations 
  • Support and assistance in professional writing support in the on-site Miller Writing Center satellite location. 
  • Assistance for students with disabilities as directed by the Auburn University Office of Accessibility. 
  • Access to multiple external resources needed to optimally assist students facing unique situations. 
  • Assistance with externship and preceptorship selection. 
  • Access to an on-site career counselor for career guidance and job placement. 
  • Facilitates annual third-year student White Coat Ceremony which honors the transition of professional students moving from classroom and laboratory to clinical education. 

Contact the Office of Academic Affairs for additional information and guidance for these and other resources. 

Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Office of Academic Affairs 
217 Veterinary Education Center, Auburn, AL 36849 
(334) 844-2685  |  

Prospective DVM Student Information

Veterinary Licensing Information

In order to practice veterinary medicine, aspiring veterinarians must pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) administered by the International Council for Veterinary Assessment (ICVA). The ICVA offers the NAVLE twice a year: once in Fall and again in Spring. Information about the examination, as well as a link to practice examinations, is available on the ICVA’s NAVLE website. Please pay close attention to the deadline dates. These dates are firm, and if missed, the applicant must wait until the next offering of the exam. 

In addition to the NAVLE, each state may require a separate examination covering the veterinary laws and regulations for that state. One state licensing exam must be chosen when applying to take the NAVLE. Applicants should review the information contained on the ICVA website for their chosen state’s board of veterinary medical examiners. Links to veterinary examiner boards in other states and Canada may be found on the ICVA website.

DVM Student and Professional Resources

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Academic Calendar

2022 Fall Semester

Aug 1 Class of 2026 Welcome Lunch Mon
Aug 8 Start of Fall Semester Mon
Sep 5 Labor Day Mon
Sep 9 VEA Exam (Class of 2023) Fri
Oct 6-7 Fall Break Thur-Fri
Oct 20-23 AU CVM Annual Conference Thur-Sun
Oct 23 Career Connect Sun
Oct 31 Public Health Career Forum Mon
Nov 2 Phi Zeta Day Wed
Nov 21-25 Thanksgiving Holidays Mon-Fri
Dec 9 Last Day of Finals Fri

2023 Spring Semester

Jan 3 Start of Spring Semester Tues
Jan 16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Mon
Feb 10 Rest and Recuperation Day (1st & 2nd year only) Fri
Feb 18 White Coat Ceremony (3rd year students) Sat
Feb 23 Scholarship & Award Donors’ Dinner Thur
Feb 25 Accepted Students’ Day Sat
Mar 6-10 Spring Break Mon-Fri
Mar 16-19 SAVMA National Symposium (U of Illinois) Thur-Sun
May 5 Last Day of Finals Fri
May 8 CVM Graduation Mon