American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners (AASRP)

Group Description:

AASRP seeks to prepare students for a career improving the health and welfare of sheep, goats, camelids and cervids, to further the professional development of the members, to provide resources pertinent to running a small ruminant practice, and to be knowledgeable on current small ruminant issues.

Principle Activities, Events, or Programs:

AASRP has multiple speakers throughout the year teach topics ranging from husbandry, to parasitism, to surgical procedures. We also have the opportunity to have wet lab on the proper handling of small ruminants and a wet lab specifically focused on maintaining the herd health of the vet school’s llama and alpaca herds.

How this group’s activities benefit the profession, university, and community:

AASRP works to give members a solid foundation to take into their career that will elevate the standards of small ruminant practice and enable them to be the voice for small ruminant issues. Through our activities with the university’s herds, we help maintain a high standard of care for all ruminants and camelids at the vet school.

How to get involved with this group:

We hold an interest meeting at the beginning of each academic year and students have the option of choosing from semester or yearly membership. Interested students can email class officers at any point in time.


President: Sarah Sins

Vice President: Lexi Smith

Treasurer: Josey Sobolewski

Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. Manuel Chamorro

Updated 2/5/2021