Small Animal Referrals

Referral Office Contact Information
(for use by referring veterinarians only)

Phone: (334) 844-5230


For the convenience of our referring veterinarians, both online and phone referrals are accepted. We will need all supporting medical history details and patient records to ensure that our team has the most current and comprehensive information available. Please be advised that all referrals are made for a specific specialty service, however we cannot guarantee patients will be seen by a specific clinician within the service.

Online Referrals

Referring veterinarians are encouraged to submit non-emergency patient referrals through our online portal. This is the most efficient method for our team to begin addressing the patient’s needs as quickly as possible. After the online referral has been submitted, the client will call our appointment line at (334) 844-4690 to schedule the appointment.

Referrals require a minimum of two hours for processing. Online referrals received Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 2:00pm CST should wait at least two hours before calling to schedule the appointment. Those submitted after 2:00pm Monday through Friday or on weekends should wait until after 10:00am on the next business day.

Phone Referrals

Phone referrals by veterinarians are accepted during normal business hours through the referral liaison office at (334) 844-5230. This line is not monitored outside of business hours, so please do not leave voicemail messages on this line after hours and on holidays/weekends regarding emergency cases. For after-hours emergencies, call (334) 844-4690 and follow the automated instructions to speak with our emergency team.

Appointments can be scheduled by the referring veterinarian through the referral liaison. If you would prefer to have your client schedule the appointment, the client should call (334) 844-4690 to speak with an appointment coordinator and provide the patient’s Pre-Admission Number (provided to the veterinarian by the referral liaison) when scheduling.

Emergency Referrals

The small animal Emergency and Critical Care Service is open for walk-ins 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For emergency referrals during regular business hours, veterinarians should call the referral office at (334) 844-5230 to be connected directly with an emergency clinician to discuss pertinent patient history prior to sending the patient. After 5:00pm CST and on weekends/holidays, please call (334) 844-4690 and follow the automated instructions to speak with our after-hours emergency staff.