Imaging Transmission Instructions

When sending files to AUCVM on a referral patient, please ensure both the animal name and client last name is included in all file attachments and e-mails to help us track patient information. Options for transmitting radiographs, ultrasound, CT or MRI files to the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine are listed below.

  1. DICOM transmissions (preferred method)

    This method allows for a link through your imaging software and is a secure, point to point connection to create a ‘Click and Send’ for future use. Please ensure that files sent via DICOM are unencrypted.

    On the viewing/storage server where the exam was performed or is stored, configure a DICOM remote host destination station (either an internal or external location). Input the following information to add Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospitals Picture Archive (PACS):

    AE TITLE: rad-offsite This is case sensitive
    PORT: 4006

    IMPORTANT: Be advised that we do not constantly monitor this server for new transmissions. Send an email to to alert us that you’ve shared files through DICOM.

  2. E-mail:

    This option offers the option to email a link to your radiography (ex: Antech – DarkHorse) or attach jpeg files. Emails must include identifying patient information.

    For Cuattro users, ensure imaging links are not set for view only. We can only accept links with the option to download images. You may need to contact Cuattro technical support to configure your software to allow this. If you have further technical questions, contact our Diagnostic Imaging Department at (334) 844-8180.
  3. Cloud-sharing (e.g., dropbox, Box):

    Upload the files to be shared (DICOM preferred) and share the file link/permissions with
  4. Conventional film

    Please send the physical images with your client to the appointment. We will digitize and return the images.