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Dog getting eye exam

About the Service

The Ophthalmology Service provides comprehensive ophthalmic care to canine, feline, equine and exotic species. The service provides a full range of diagnostics, microsurgical techniques and therapeutic options for the treatment of ophthalmic disease.

What We Do

Dr. Boveland examing a dog

The Ophthalmology Service treats a variety of eye disorders, including, but not limited to: diseases of the ocular surface (corneal ulcers, dry eye), cataracts removal, inflammation of the eye, glaucoma, tumors, retinal diseases and eyelids abnormalities.

The Ophthalmology Service also performs breed eye certification for purebred dogs. The Ophthalmology Service has the benefit of access to state-of-the-art equipment for use in veterinary patients, including laser, phacoemulsification, electroretinogram (ERG), ocular ultrasounds, and high-resolution ocular ultrasound.

Meet the Team

Dr. Milena-Sanchez

Milena Sanchez-Garcia, DVM
Specialty Intern, Equine

Veterinary Support Staff

  • Alison Sprowls, LVT
  • Stephanie Mitchell, LVT