Small Animal Theriogenology

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About the Service

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Theriogenology is the branch of veterinary medicine that focuses on reproduction, including the physiology and pathology of male and female reproductive systems in animals and the clinical practice of veterinary obstetrics, and gynecology. We specialize in dog and cat reproductive services and we offer full-service care in the Wilford and Kate Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospital.

AKC Companion Animal Residency in Theriogenology

Auburn University is proud to have had one of only four AKC Companion Animal Residency training programs in Theriogenology in the U.S. This program was first offered at AU in 2014 and we have had two residents complete the program thus far.

What We Do

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We offer a variety of services that involves reproduction in the companion animal (dog or cat), including breeding management in the female to semen collection and evaluation in the male. Other services offered include semen cryopreservation (freezing), pregnancy diagnoses and management, and all insemination techniques including transcervical inseminations. We also offer emergency services for both males and females including penile injuries or difficult deliveries.

The Companion Animal Theriogenology service is composed of three faculty who are board-certified specialists in veterinary reproduction that work exclusively on the equine and companion animal reproduction services. Additionally, the service has two resident veterinarians who are training to become specialists. The service has one dedicated veterinary technician who assists the veterinarians and senior level veterinary students in managing the service.

Meet the Team

Veterinary Support Staff

Maureen Donohue, LVT