Equine Appointments

The Vaughan Large Animal Teaching Hospital equine service offers access to board-certified equine veterinarians, veterinary residents in advanced specialist training programs, animal health technicians, patient care specialists, client service representatives, administrators and veterinary students. The team works together to provide the most advanced medical, surgical and diagnostic services to animal owners and referring veterinarians while delivering the highest possible standard of compassionate veterinary care and training for the next generation of veterinary practitioners and specialists.

Appointments are required for all non-emergency equine services and can be scheduled Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 4:30pm Central by calling (334) 844-4490. The hospital is open for emergency admission of patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Customer service representatives work closely with referring veterinarians, facilitate admission of patients needing emergency medical care and guide clients through the process of deciding which area of specialization is most appropriate to diagnose and treat your horse. Call (334) 844-4490 to arrange emergency admission or to schedule an appointment.

What to expect:

  • Upon arrival to the Vaughan Large Animal Teaching Hospital, turn into the hospital driveway from Wire Road and immediately turn right onto Bovine Drive. Please arrive 10 minutes early for your scheduled appointment to allow for parking and check-in.
  • When you arrive at the equine gate in front of the hospital, call (334) 844-4490 to check-in for the appointment and for entry to the equine parking area.
  • A veterinary technician and 4th year student will greet you to collect information about the patient’s history and current health and unload your horse for transfer to an examination area.
  • The patient will be examined by a 4th-year veterinary student (veterinarian in training), a resident veterinarian (specialist in training) and a faculty clinician (specialist veterinarian).
  • Following the examination, treatment options will be discussed with you and a plan for your horse’s care will be made.
  • Please prepare for extended appointment times to support the educational process and in the event your animal requires further testing and/or treatment.
  • In cases where additional treatment is needed and authorized, you will be required to sign an itemized estimate/treatment plan and pay any necessary deposits before further diagnostics or treatments are performed. (see payment information below)

What to bring:

  • All horses admitted to the Vaughan Large Animal Teaching Hospital are required to have a current negative Coggins test. Bring a copy with you or have your veterinarian send a copy prior to your appointment. If you do not have a current negative Coggins test, a test will be performed upon entry to the hospital.
  • Bring to the appointment all available medical records, radiographs and medications that the horse is currently receiving.
  • If the horse will be hospitalized, bring your horse’s hay and feed or current feeding instructions. We offer various commercially produced equine feed and hay options.
  • Payment is due at time of service. Bring a payment method to cover estimated costs and any required deposits. All cost of care estimates will be discussed with you prior to treatment and a deposit equal to one-half of the high-end cost estimate is required upon admission. The full balance of the bill is due at the time of discharge.
  • Insurance is accepted for animals requiring inpatient care. At the time of appointment scheduling, please inform us of any major medical, emergency colic or surgical coverage you have for your horse. Call (334) 844-6459 for additional insurance-related information.