Equine Ambulatory

Due to a recent faculty member departure, coupled with realized profession-wide shortages, the Auburn Large Animal Hospital Equine Ambulatory Service is implementing operational modifications within the Equine Ambulatory Service effective immediately and continuing until further notice. Our goal is for these modifications to be temporary and we will post updates as they occur.

Moving forward, the Equine Ambulatory Service will have the following modified operations:


  1. For December 12th, 2022 – January 2nd, 2023, the Equine Ambulatory Service will be on an emergency-only basis. Scheduled on-farm appointments will not be made during this time. If you require a scheduled appointment for medical care of your horse, you are welcome to make an appointment for care at the main hospital with the appropriate service. If your horse needs emergency, on-farm care, you can call to speak with the doctor covering services at that time.
  2. In January 2023, you will see two new faces that will be helping offer equine ambulatory services. These experienced equine practitioners will be available for appointments on the farm as usual. Please give them a warm welcome as they briefly join our team to provide care for your horses.
  3. In February 2023, services will be offered as usual with Dr. Alfredo Sanchez.
  4. Starting in March 2023 and until another veterinarian is hired for the Equine Ambulatory Service, Dr. Sanchez will offer a modified appointment calendar. More information on appointment scheduling will be provided as we enter the new year.


  1. Moving forward, after-hours and weekend/holiday emergency services will only be offered to our established clients. An established client is one who has either used services at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in the last two years, or one who has pre-registered with the hospital in advance. To pre-register with the hospital if you are a new or non-established client, please call 334-844-4490.
  2. NOTE: Please be aware that emergency services at the main hospital will be available. If you do not have a trailer for your horse, you can call the main hospital and ask for the list of local horse-owners that may be available to trailer your horse to the hospital.

Read more about the Equine Ambulatory Service’s modified operations

About the Service

The Auburn University Ambulatory service provides on-the-farm primary and emergency care to horses within a 35 mile radius of the JT Vaughan Large Animal Teaching Hospital. Appointments are available Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., while emergency service is provided 24 hours a day, year round.

What We Do

We provide on-the-farm routine healthcare as well as evaluation and treatment of lame or sick animals. Routine healthcare services provided include: Coggins testing, travel papers (health certificate or passport), annual examination, vaccination, parasite control, nutritional consultation, and dentistry. In addition to routine healthcare, the ambulatory service provides lameness and performance evaluation, podiatry, reproductive services, evaluation of medical conditions (respiratory, skin, neurologic, gastrointestinal, and ophthalmic), and field surgery services (castration, laceration repair, mass removals, etc.). The service is equipped with a digital radiography system, ultrasound, upper airway and gastric endoscopy, rehabilitation equipment, and motorized dental equipment. We also have access to additional in-house equipment and full access to JT Vaughan laboratory services. If you have questions regarding costs or services offered, please call for more information and price estimates.

The Ambulatory Service is composed of faculty who are board certified specialists in large animal internal medicine and work exclusively on the service. Additionally, one faculty member is a board certified specialist in sports medicine and rehabilitation. Resident veterinarians who are training to become specialists in either surgery or internal medicine also work on the service providing after-hours, weekend, and holiday emergency care 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Meet the Team