Farm Animal Ambulatory Service

About Our Service

Students and professor on farm call

The Farm Animal Ambulatory Service provides on-farm care and consultations to local producers and clients in central Alabama and west Georgia within a 70-mile radius of the teaching hospital through individual animal medicine, reproduction and surgery, as well as herd-level disease investigation. Services include herd work and other routine animal care procedures, such as breeding soundness evaluations (BSE), pregnancy diagnosis, castrations, lameness evaluation and vaccinations.

The service provides on-location care to farm animals — beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and camelids. It also offers on-farm and phone consultations to clients and referring veterinarians. In addition, the service has the ability to transport a portable cattle squeeze chute system and a portable hoof trimming chute to farms to efficiently and economically assist producers and pet owners in working cattle.

We offer 24-hour emergency care on the farm for patients located within 35 miles of the veterinary teaching hospital, as well as in-hospital care at the J.T. Vaughan Large Animal Teaching Hospital.

The Ambulatory Service is composed of faculty who are board-certified specialists in Theriogenology or Internal Medicine. Resident veterinarians who are training to become specialists in internal medicine also work on the service, providing after-hours, weekend and holiday emergency care 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Clients with emergencies outside of the 35-mile area who are unable to transport patients to the veterinary teaching hospital are encouraged to seek other transportation options — for-hire animal transporters or family and neighbors with the necessary equipment. Contact information for for-hire animal transporters is available upon request at (334) 844-4490.

A program of the Auburn University J.T. Vaughan Large Animal Teaching Hospital, our mission is to provide exceptional medical care to animals and clinical, hands-on education to senior-level veterinary students. For more information, contact our ambulatory representative during business hours at (334) 844-6679. For after-hours emergencies, please contact our main office at (334) 844-4490.

What We Do

  • Evaluation of sick or injured animals through scheduled or emergency farm visits
  • Herd and individual health care including health management, vaccination, parasite control, diagnostics, biosecurity and nutrition
  • Reproductive services including but not limited to pregnancy diagnosis, artificial insemination, bull breeding soundness examination, and embryo transfer are available

Meet the Team