Dr. Frank F. “Skip” Bartol

Dr. Frank F. “Skip” Bartol (DASC ‘75) was presented the 2017 Dairy Science Outstanding Alumni Award during Virginia Tech’s 2017 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Awards program.

Dr. Bartol, Alumni Professor & associate dean of Research and Graduate Studies at Auburn University, was inspired by Dr. Dick Saacke as an undergraduate in the Department of Dairy Science. He earned both a M.S. and Ph.D. at the University of Florida and advanced training in molecular biology at the Center for Animal Biotechnology at Texas A&M University as a visiting scientist.

His research focuses primarily on the identification of factors affecting and mechanisms regulating development and function of the female reproductive tract, particularly in regard to the reproductive efficiency and health in domestic ungulate species. His research has led to interdisciplinary advances including the development of the “uterine gland knockout” (UGKO) model, as well as the promulgation of the “lactocrine hypothesis” for maternal programming of neonatal somatic tissues at Texas A&M and Rutgers, respectively.