Annual Dougie MacIntire Celebration of Life set for Nov. 6

On Sunday, Nov. 6 at 2 p.m., many will gather at the College of Veterinary Medicine for the annual Dougie MacIntire Celebration of Life, a special event which celebrates companion animals at the Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospital who beat the odds and survived critical conditions. _MJH2522

“We want to bring the animals back that beat the odds not only to celebrate them and their owners, but also the staff, doctors, technicians and students for all of the hard work that goes into these cases,” said Dr. Lenore Bacek, assistant clinical professor in Emergency and Critical Care.

Dozens of pets were invited to bring their owners back to the college where they received life-saving treatment for the Celebration of Life. Clinicians and technicians will present the pets’ cases to the audience of other pet survivors, faculty, staff and students that assisted in these critical cases throughout the year.

Last year, the Dougie MacIntire Celebration of Life was named in honor of Dr. MacIntire, one of the veterinarians that started the Celebration of Life event and the Emergency and Critical Care service at the college, who recently passed away.

The event will begin with an introduction dedicated to Dr. MacIntire and honor her work done at the college.

“Celebration of Life is a chance to recognize the pet, the owner, faculty, staff, students and the team effort that goes into saving pets’ lives and beating the odds,” said Dr. Bacek.

The Case of the Year will be presented last, an exceptionally critical case that Emergency and Critical Care decides on as a service. A reception will follow with a chance for clients to talk with clinicians and technicians that worked with their pets.