Auburn researcher aims to help prevent, control avian influenza

Since 2022, avian flu — a rapidly circulating Influenza Type A virus — has affected over 81 million poultry, as well as the industries that depend on them. In Alabama alone, poultry generates more than 80,000 jobs and $15 billion in revenue.

Dr. Criado and team in the lab

In the past two years, a disease-causing strain of avian flu, known as H5N1, has impacted 1,046 flocks across the United States. Miria Criado, an assistant professor in Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine, is tackling this timely topic by investigating how these influenza viruses evolve and examining approaches to reducing their deadly impact on poultry.

“This work is focused on understanding how avian influenza circulates between species, how the virus evolves to continue circulating and how the bird’s immune system responds to the virus,” Criado said. “We are especially interested in how we can use some currently available tools or vaccines to help control these outbreaks.”

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