College of Veterinary Medicine and Corporate Partner Launch Global Course Offering Online

Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and Current Conceptions, Inc. have partnered to develop and deliver Reproductive Science and Health, the first-of-its-kind online course in reproductive physiology.

Launched globally in August, the course is designed to serve students, faculty, universities and other institutions seeking a state-of-the-art resource for teaching and learning about reproductive science and related technologies, says Dr. Frank Bartol, associate dean of Research and Graduate Studies at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

“Employing research-validated instructional design, the intent of this on-line course is to increase educational flexibility and to extend the reach of this discipline globally to students, faculty and anyone with an interest in learning about the function of the reproductive system in animals and humans.”

The course is based on the internationally respected textbook, Pathways to Pregnancy and Parturition (3rd Edition), authored by Dr. Phil Senger, president of Current Conceptions, Inc., and an affiliate professor at the college. The course includes 16 content units that address the entire spectrum of reproduction applicable to both animal and human health.

“The driving force behind this course is our desire as educators to bring reliable information pertaining to reproductive biology to the widest possible audience,” said Dr. Senger. “Our vision is to expand our platform with offerings in the fields of bioscience, microbiology, nutrition, physiology, food safety and to accelerate understanding from a ‘one health’ perspective.”

 The course can be licensed by a university or other institution to be offered as an entire course, and individuals can take the course for either certificate credit or official academic credit from Auburn University.

“Our delivery platform provides some exciting opportunities,” said Dr. Angela Oki, vice president of Current Conceptions, Inc. “We can modify the instructional design at any time to improve learning.

“We are able to track how students navigate the course in each content section, identify problem areas for immediate improvement, and can upgrade content, instructional design and delivery to enhance student learning in each of our 16 content modules.”

The course was designed to be “highly visual, with detailed specimen photographs, animated 2-D graphics, animated 3-D anatomical reconstructions, and real-time videos illustrating reproductive behavior, parturition, in vitro fertilization,” said Dr. Oki.

Visit the following website to learn more about Reproductive Science and Health and to enroll in or license the course:

About CCI
Current Conceptions, Inc., is led by Dr. Phil Senger, who has more than 30 years of experience conducting research and teaching students and clientele about reproductive physiology. His textbook, Pathways to Pregnancy and Parturition (3rd Edition), is deemed the ‘gold standard’ in reproductive science and is relied upon as the primary textbook by over 150 universities across the globe.

Dr. Angela Oki brings a unique background to the field of reproductive science.  She specializes in integrating instructional design principles from the field of cognitive psychology to improve student learning in reproductive science.

About Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine
This partnership with CCI and the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine is an example of the synergism that can be achieved when experts in academia and the private sector collaborate. The College is devoted to three strategic goals: (1) enhancing student success; (2) promoting discovery; and (3) practicing the highest standards of veterinary medicine. As the South’s oldest veterinary medicine program, the college has a rich history of success and is dedicated to preparing individuals for careers of excellence in veterinary medicine and the biomedical sciences. For more, go to