College Celebrates Phi Zeta Research Day Nov. 4

Phi Zeta Research Day, to showcase and recognize the research efforts of veterinary students, graduate students, post-graduates and faculty, will be Wednesday, Nov. 4, at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Although the day-long event is geared towards veterinary students and researchers, it is open to the public.

“We use Phi Zeta Day to recognize the great work that the members of Phi Zeta do every day to advance our scientific understanding and improve the health of both animals and humans,” said Dr. Bruce Smith, a professor at the Scott-Ritchey Research Center, and the president of the Phi Zeta Society – Epsilon Chapter.

The event will include platform and poster presentations by members of the society on ongoing research and a keynote presentation by Dr. Warren Haggard, the associate dean for Engineering Research at the University of Memphis, who will discuss 3-D printing and how it is being adapted for use in the medical community.

The event will conclude with a banquet, during which new members of the Phi Zeta Society will be inducted and awards will be presented to selected platform and poster presenters.

The Society of Phi Zeta is an honors society for veterinary medicine. The society’s mission is to recognize and promote scholarship and research in matters pertaining to the welfare and diseases of animals. The society has 29 chapters at universities across the nation. The Epsilon Chapter, based at Auburn University, was founded in 1948.

Student members of the society are selected based on academic standing and are the top 10 percent of the third-year class and the top 25 percent of the fourth-year class.

Phi Zeta Proceedings 2015