Manager of Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canine Training Centre to Visit

Staff Sergeant Patrick MacIsaac, manager of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Dog Service Training Centre, will visit the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine this month to observe and learn about the college’s Canine Performance Sciences Program.

MacIsaac will evaluate CPS’ training and research activities and tour facilities, and observe the Vapor Wake® canine teams employed by Auburn’s canine training technology licensee, AMK9, at the Auburn vs. Ole Miss football game on Saturday, Oct. 31.

MacIsaac will give a seminar on Friday, Oct. 30, at noon in the Veterinary Education Center’s Overton Auditorium on the Mountie’s canine program. He will tell “The Story of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canine Breeding and Training Program.”

“S.Sgt. MacIsaac will be visiting us to provide an informal review of our operations,” said Dr. Jim Floyd, CPS program advisor.  “He has a long history of working dog breeding and training with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and is president of the International Working Dog Breeding Association.

“The insights and observations that he will provide during his visit will be extremely valuable to CPS as it refines its breeding program and continues to conduct leading edge detector canine research.”

About CPS

The College of Veterinary Medicine’s Canine Performance Sciences program is an internationally recognized research unit which conducts research to improve the breeding, training, and employment of detection dogs. CPS research programs have expanded the limits of canine capabilities through many projects, including virus and microbe detection, remotely-guided detector dogs, underground microscopic fungi detection, Vapor Wake® dogs, and Improvised Explosive Detector dogs.