Students Honored During College’s Clinical Awards Ceremony

The College of Veterinary Medicine honored fourth-year veterinary students with Clinical Awards, recognizing students for their performance during clinical rotations to signify excellence in academics, student government, service and clinical medicine.

Also included was the Clinician-of-the-Year award presented to the top clinical faculty member as voted by the 4th year DVM students.

Thirty-five awards were distributedat the completion of the student’s year of clinical education, which provides student hands-on animal healthcare education under the supervision of faculty across the college.

Name Hometown Award
Cynthia Clark Richmond, KY SGA Outstanding Student Award
Seth Bowden Louisville, KY Dean’s Award
Mercedes Muldoon Larkspur, CO President’s Award
Allie Ingram Greensburg, KY SAVMA Outstanding Senior Award
Libby Goldstein Waxhaw, NC ACVS (Surgeons) Proficiency (Large Animal)
Natalie Heape Boulder, CO ACVS (Surgeons) Proficiency (Small Animal)
Georgia Skelton Perryville, KY ACVIM Awards of Excellence (Large Animal)
Seth Bowden Louisville, KY ACVIM Awards of Excellence (Small Animal)
Kara Maneval Virginia Beach, VA ACVIM Awards of Excellence (Small Animal)
Caitlin Sanders Ingold Brownsburg, IN ACVO (Ophthalmology)
Carly Thaw Charlotte, NC Large Animal (Equine) Ophthalmology
Sarah Hoke Louisville, KY Small Animal Ophthalmology
Seth Bowden Louisville, KY ACVR (Radiology)
Julia Bossert Lancaster, PA ACVP (Pathology) Award
Kristin Brunstein Edwardsville, IL AAFP Outstanding Senior Award
Madison Young Trabuco Canyon, CA Avary Equine
Mercedes Muldoon Larkspur, CO Dr. J.E. Bartels Radiology
Libby Goldstein Waxhaw, NC Walter J. Gibbons Memorial (LA)
Katelyn Buren Prospect, KY Elanco Dermatology Award
Mikkah Hignite Sparta, KY AAVD Excellence in Clinical Dermatology Award
Mercedes Muldoon Larkspur, CO Excellence in Equine Therio
Kit Sanders Canton, GA Small Animal Medicine Proficiency
Christianna Ziccardi Wildwood Crest, NJ Small Animal Medicine Proficiency
Brittany Killian Harvest, AL Society for Theriogenology Award
Isabel Moran Ross University Veterinary Cancer Society Award
Sawyer Williams Owenton, KY Dr. Don Walker Food Animal Excellence
Julia Bossert Lancaster, PA Purina Excellence in Nutrition Award
Katie Armstrong Mayfield, KY VECCS Award
Mercedes Muldoon Larkspur, CO AAHA Award for Proficiency in Primary Care
Paige Weldy Bremen, TN The Jamie R. Bellah Excellence in Raptor Rehabilitation Clinical Student Award
Seth Bowden Louisville, KY Dr. Danny Newhard Memorial Scholarship
Mikkah Hignite Sparta, KY Gentle Doctor Award
Dr. Ellen Behrend Clinician of the Year Award