Veterinary Students Honored at Clinical Awards Ceremony

The College of Veterinary Medicine recently recognized fourth-year veterinary students with Clinical Awards for their performance during clinical rotations to signify excellence in academics, student government, service, and clinical medicine.

A total of 36 awards was distributed to 26 veterinary student recipients in February at the completion of the student’s year of clinical education, which provides student hands-on animal healthcare education under the supervision of faculty across the college.

A separate Clinician of the Year award was given to a veterinary faculty member. The Clinician of the Year award recognizes a clinical faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional proficiency and support in providing patient care to Veterinary Teaching Hospital client animals while effectively educating students. Recipient of the Clinician of the Year award is Dr. Jennifer Taintor, an associate professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences.

“The 123 students in the class of 2018 are at an exciting stage of their professional development.  As they embark on their eight-week preceptorship prior to graduating, all are deserving of commendation,” said Dr. Dan Givens, Associate dean for Academic Affairs. “Our students have diligently labored and learned, practiced and prepared to enter this entrusted profession.  Many have excelled in various areas.  We are pleased to be entrusted with the resources to recognize some of our outstanding students.”

The student, hometown and awards are:

  • Maggie Thompson, Andalusia, Ala. – Student Government Association Outstanding Student Award, President’s Award, and the Walter J. Gibbons Memorial Award;
  • Lauren Norberg, Ithaca, N.Y. – Dean’s Award;
  • Christa Ray, Chelsea, Ala. –SAVMA Outstanding Senior Award;
  • Kelsi Anderson, Louisville, Ky. – The American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia (ACVAA) Award;
  • Justin Gibson, Eufaula, Ala. – The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Award of Excellence;
  • Carolina Dijkhoffz, Puerto Rico – The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Award of Excellence in small animal internal medicine, and the Ophthalmology Clinical Proficiency Award;
  • Alan Bocage, Medford, N.J. – The American College of Veterinary Medicine Ophthalmology Award, the Dr. Dougie MacIntire Memorial Scholarship, and the Gentle Doctor Award;
  • Patricia DeBow, Madison, Ala. – American College of Veterinary Radiology Award, and the American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology (AAVD) Award;
  • Alaina Stumph, Alpharetta, Ga. – The American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) Proficiency Award, and the Avary Equine Award;
  • Kaleigh Bush, Spanish Fort, Ala. – The American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) Proficiency Award in small animal surgery;and the Small Animal Medical Proficiency Award;
  • Emily Hipp, St. Louis, Mo. – The American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) Proficiency Award;
  • Will Murray, Alexandria, Minn. – The J.E. Bartels Radiology Award in honor of retired radiology faculty member Dr. Jan Bartels;
  • Kristen Arnold, Burlington, Ky. – The Bayer Dermatology Award;
  • Zach Hulbert, Trinity, Ala. – The G.J. Cottier Scholarship;
  • Marissa Snelling, Bethlehem, N.H. – The Excellence in Equine Theriogenology Award;
  • Elodie VerHulst, Spencerport, N.Y. – The Deborah Harrington Memorial Award, and the Bayer Excellence in Communication Award;
  • Camille Ogletree, Franklin, Ga. – The Allen M. Heath Memorial Award, and the Woody Bartlett Clinical Award for Proficiency in Bovine Palpation;
  • Alex Brennan, Zionsville, In. – The Charles Knecht Neurology Award;
  • Stacey Woods, Kingsport, Tenn. – The Small Animal Medical Proficiency Award;
  • Kaitlin McCombs, Hueytown, Ala. – The Society for Theriogenology Award;
  • Caroline Hohlman, Garden City, N.Y – The Veterinary Cancer Society Award;
  • Erin McCarragher, Tampa, Fla. – The Boehringer Ingelheim Cardiology Proficiency Award;
  • Rachel Burt, Chelsea, Ala. – The Don Walker Food Animal Excellence Award;
  • Jaida Reeves, Foley, Ala. – The Zupreem Award of Excellence for Exotic Animal Care;
  • Tamara Compton, Independence, Ky. – The Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society Award;
  • Katie Reeder, Atlanta – The Dr. Robert Beaty Jr. Scholarship.