July 2017

Jul 27th, 2017

Veterinary Technician Natalie Royer: 33 Years of Service to the College

When Natalie Royer joined the College of Veterinary Medicine in 1983, she was one of only three veterinary technicians in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. When she retires at the end of the month, she will have been one of nearly 40. It is difficult – if not impossible – to calculate the number of hours […]

Jul 13th, 2017

Employees Recognized during 9th Annual Staff Awards

[su_slider source=”media: 14752,14763,14754,14755,14756,14764,14758,14759″ link=”custom” target=”blank” height=”400″ responsive=”no” pages=”no” mousewheel=”no” autoplay=”0″ class=”test”][su_slider source=”media: 12181,12187,12186,12185,12184,12183,12182″ link=”custom” target=”blank” width=”500″ height=”440″ responsive=”no” autoplay=”0″ class=”test”] [/su_slider] College of Veterinary Medicine staff and administrative employees were recently recognized for their dedicated work and support of the college. Recognizing that administrative and employees are vital to the college’s success in educating students, […]