Reproductive Science & Health

A New Online Suite of Resources for Teaching & Learning Reproductive Physiology

(VBMS 3903)

Employing research-validated instructional design and based on content presented in Pathways to Pregnancy and Parturition (3rd Edition, by PL Senger), the intent of Reproductive Science & Health (RSH) on-line is to increase educational flexibility and extend the reach of this discipline globally to all with an interest in teaching and learning about the function of the reproductive system in animals and humans.


Upon completion of the entire suite of RSH content units, students will understand: vocabulary specific to reproductive science; anatomy and function of male and female reproductive organs and tissues; endocrine and neuroendocrine regulation of reproduction; mechanisms regulating reproductive behavior, establishment of pregnancy, gestation, and parturition; and principles of modern assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs).

Content and Design

This on-line resource for teaching and learning consists of a suite of 16 Content Units.  Some content units contain a brief “Human Health Highlight” and/or “Animal Health Highlight”. Health highlights describe important health components that are linked to concepts explained in content units.

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