Andrew Leisewitz, BVSc (Hons) MMedVet(Med) ECVIM-CA PhD


Andrew Leisewitz Photo

Department of Clinical Sciences

Auburn University
College of Veterinary Medicine
1130 Wire Road
Auburn, AL 36849



BVSc (University of Pretoria, South Africa) – 1987
Hons (University of Pretoria, South Africa) – 1990
MMedVet(Med) (University of Pretoria, South Africa) – 1995
PhD (The Open University, Oxford, UK)- 2006



Dr Leisewitz received his veterinary degree (BVSc) from the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Pretoria (Onderstepoort), South Africa, graduating in 1987. He went on to obtain and honors degree in small animal internal medicine and then completed a residency in small animal medicine there. He obtained his MMedVet(Med) degree in 1995 with a study that evaluated the blood gas and acid base pathology of canine babesiosis, was board certified in internal medicine with the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Companion Animals) in 2003 and completed his PhD at The Open University (Oxford) in 2006 describing the immune response in the murine spleen to blood stage malaria infection.

Research Interests


The pathogenesis of hemoprotozoal disease

Animal models of infection

Leisewitz Canine Babesiosis Research Laboratory