Grief Resources

Our pets are part of the family, and losing any family member can be devastating. The loss of a pet changes our daily lives. It can be a difficult adjustment, and it’s okay to not be okay right now. For some, grief may lead them to seek counseling, choose to memorialize their pet in some manner or even open their home to an animal in need. There are support groups, resources and counselors available to help you through this difficult time. We have gathered some digital and print resources below to hopefully help you along your journey from grief to healing. We understand that you are heart-broken, but you are not alone! *


Argus Institute Counseling & Support Services – Colorado State Univ. Vet Med

Delta Society – Pet Loss Counseling

10 Tips on Coping with Pet Loss

Association for Pet Loss Berevement

Supporting People Who Are Grieving – Washington State Univ. Vet Med

Grief Healing

Helping Children Cope – The Pet Loss Support Page

Explaining Pet Loss to Children

Chance’s Spot – Pet Loss & Grief Support


The Loss of a Pet: A Guide to Coping with the Grieving Process When a Pet Dies (Fourth Edition)
Wallace Sife, Ph.D.

Goodbye, Friend
Gary Kowlaski

Saying Goodbye to the Pet You Love
Lorri A. Greene, Ph.D

Grieving the Death of a Pet
Betty Carmack

Pet Loss: A Spiritual Guide
Julia Harris

Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates
Gary Kurz

When Only the Love Remains
Emily Margaret Stuparyk

Three Cats, Two Dogs: One Journey Through Multiple Pet Loss
David Congalton

Dog Heaven and Cat Heaven
Cynthia Rylant

Tear Soup
Pat Schweibert

For Every Dog an Angel and For Every Cat an Angel
Christine Davis

Pet Loss and Human Emotion: Guiding Clients Through Grief
Cheri Barton Ross & Jane Baron-Sorensen

Social Media Support Groups

Pet Loss Support

Pet Loss Support Group

Counseling Services & Hotlines

Day by Day Pet Giver Support

Hotline: 484-453-8210
Individual Phone Counseling:
email to schedule

Lap of Love Pet Loss and Bereavement

Hotline: 855-352-5683


Crisis Center of East Alabama

Hotline: 334-821-8600


Cornell University Pet Loss Support

Hotline: 607-253-3932


Tufts University Pet Loss Support

Hotline: 508-839-7966


Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine Pet Loss Support

Hotline: 540-231-8038​

*Auburn University does not own or endorse any of these third-party resources. The resources listed above are meant for reference only and as possible tools for coping with grief due to the loss of a pet.