Joy Goodwin Lecture Series

The Joy Goodwin Lecture Series was established in 1984 by donor Joy Goodwin, to bring in visiting scholars in support of the research and teaching interests of the faculty and students of the College of Veterinary Medicine.  To date, this endowed program has sponsored over 150 seminars covering a wide-range of topics. The speakers are chosen because of their documented leadership in a particular discipline of interest to the college.

Distinguished Lecturers

As a part of the Joy Goodwin Lecture Series, the college occasionally hosts guest speakers who serve as the Joy Goodwin Distinguished Lecturers. These speakers are chosen on the basis of their notoriety, scholarly accomplishments and board appeal to the academic community.

Previous Distinguished Lecturers Include:

  • GEORGE P. SMITH – Chemical Evolution With Phage Display
  • DOUGLAS ANTCZAK – Fetal-Maternal Signaling in Pregnancy
  • GARY SIECK – Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Asthma
  • JOHN E. HALL – Pathophysiology of Obesity/Metabolic Syndrome
  • DAVID ALLISON– Myths Presumptions, and the Need for Probative Research in Obesity
  • LOUIS GUILLETTE – Contaminants and the Developing Ovary
  • WILLIAM THATCHER – Infertility Syndrome of Lactating Dairy Cows
  • JAMES FOX  -Malignancy and the Emerging Genus Helicobacter
  • ALASTAIR SUMMERLEE -The Hormone Relaxin
  • GEORGE E. SEIDEL, JR – Mammalian Cloning and Sexing Mammalian Sperm
  • ROGER CONE-Zebrafish as a System for the Genetic Analysis of Energy Homeostasis
  • LONNIE KING-Converging Issues in Veterinary and Public Health
  • JULIUS SCHACHTER – Chlamydia Trachomatis
  • M. DANIEL LANE – Adipocyte Differentiation Program
  • NEAL FIRST – Cloning, Fertilization Techniques and Embryonic Development
  • JOHN MEKALANOS – Pathogenesis of Cholera
  • GORDON SHEPHERD – Neural Basis of the Sense of Smell
  • ROSALYN YALOW – Radioimmunoassays of Peptide Hormones
  • STANLEY COHEN – Epidermal Growth Factors

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