Goal 1 – Elevated Auburn Experience

Inspire and prepare our students for success

We place a premium value on a meaningful experience.

We strive to provide strong educational programs, build key competencies and produce outstanding veterinarians and biomedical scientists. This begins with the enrollment of students with excellent academic performance, high potential to succeed professionally and a desire to excel in a diverse society.


  • Deliver innovative and effective veterinary and biomedical science curricula.
  • Foster a healthy learning environment.
  • Promote personal satisfaction and wellness.
  • Improve access and affordability.
  • Advance international engagement.


  • Evaluate, refresh and diversify curricula.
  • Facilitate student mentoring programs.
  • Expand student access to counseling services.
  • Foster diversity, equity and inclusion through a dedicated intersectional college committee.
  • Track recruiting and outreach activities.
  • Engage parents of prospective students.
  • Measure under-represented student scholarships and awards.
  • Grow international engagement.

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