Goal 2 – Transformative Research

Elevate our research and scholarly impact

We leverage scientific understanding to improve life.

The college’s research mission empowers our scholars to improve health and well-being through the expansion of knowledge and pursuit of innovation. We will prioritize resources to support research competitiveness, technological advances and scholarship, while incorporating strategic hiring, performance incentives, facility development and philanthropic support.


  • Elevate the college’s research mission and commitment.
  • Establish a comprehensive approach to research growth.
  • Grow the research enterprise through greater collaboration and enhanced productivity.


  • Develop a strategic hiring plan to promote research competitiveness and productivity.
  • Incentivize exceptional research productivity.
  • Prioritize investment in resources to support research infrastructure.
  • Define a development plan to advance strategically-defined research areas.
  • Expand the number of biomedical science graduate students annually.

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