Goal 3 – Impactful Service

Transform society through service and engagement

We use our collective skills to help others.

Dissemination of the college’s expertise for public benefit is central to our mission. This service is realized through our commitment to the education of outstanding veterinarians and biomedical scientists, the compassionate treatment and care of animals and the practical application of our research and outreach. Our impactful service to the entire Auburn Vet Med community — students, alumni, employees and friends – is measured not only financially, but most importantly by the impact on the lives and livelihoods of those we serve.


Strategically elevate the college’s service in three fundamental areas:

  • Pursue excellence in veterinary continuing education
  • Serve as a first resource for critical expertise and knowledge
  • Provide exceptional community outreach and public education


  • Establish baseline data and develop performance metrics through annual outreach activity surveys.
  • Utilize communications and marketing to promote and quantify the real-world application and impact of the college’s research.
  • Continuously evaluate and refine ways to serve our stakeholders through increased efficiency, new technologies and improved communications.

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