Goal 4 – Exceptional & Engaged Faculty & Staff

Invest in our outstanding people

We are in this together.

The heart of our college is our people. With a shared vision and common values, we are fully committed to realizing our mission. We will cultivate an environment that fosters fulfilling careers and embraces the importance of a diverse and inclusive community. These shared values are important foundations for the college’s continued success and prosperity.


  • Enhance employee development, recognition and retention.
  • Expand the recruitment and advancement of people from underrepresented groups.
  • Encourage a culture of wellness and work-life balance.
  • Increase employee support for duties related to administration, research and service.


  • Increase employee retention rate.
  • Benchmark salary comparisons nationally and aim to fall within the top half of each employee category.
  • Facilitate robust internal communications to enable a positive, cohesive culture.
  • Grow mentorship and personal/professional development opportunities.
  • Incentivize exceptional performance.
  • Define clear pathways for career advancement.
  • Invest in employee relations training and professional counseling resources.

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