Goal 5 – Strategic Enrollment

Achieve a robust and diverse student body

We are invested in our students’ success.

We are committed to ensuring an equitable and inclusive admissions process. The college will seek to recruit and retain a robust, talented and diverse student population that embraces the diversity of society and is introduced to the breadth of veterinary medicine and biomedical science. Through these actions, we will increase the academic strength and effectiveness of our program, while equipping our graduates with a skillset and open perspective that allows them to thrive and excel in the midst of challenge.


  • Achieve robust enrollment and success for every student.


  • Identify and eliminate admissions barriers for underrepresented student groups.
  • Incorporate a dedicated recruitment and diversity officer to engage individuals from groups underrepresented in veterinary medicine.
  • Increase outreach activities for K-12 students in rural and urban areas.
  • Establish a regional mentoring network to engage in recruiting and outreach activities.

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