CE Presentation Agreement

By submitting these details, speaker agrees to:

  • Present his/her/their lecture(s) at stated CE program
  • Submit any supplemental documents such as proceedings, lecture notes, and/or quiz questions no less than one week prior to program date
  • Authorize Auburn Vet Med permission to audio and video record presentation(s) as delivered at or during the scheduled event. It is understood that audio and/or video reproductions of my presentation(s) may be offered for viewing by program registrants after the live event.

Speaker will receive an honorarium payment to her/his/their professional/research account, to be used as approved by DCS and AUCVM, IF submission deadlines are met.

CE Presentation Agreement Form

Speaker Information

List degrees and board certifications
Professional biographical description to be used for promotional/marketing material. Please use complete sentences.
Presentation Information
2-3 sentences describing presentation the information, skills, and concepts being presented and what the attendee is expected to learn from the program attendance.
Maximum of 3 lectures